Can I change my domain name?

So, I made a website and it is functioning properly. But I don’t like the domain name. So I made a new website and put the same code. But the new website is not having a background image and the buttons are broken. So I took the original functioning website code and put it on the new website. But the background image and the buttons are still broken. But my original website is functioning but I don’t like the name. But the new website name is good but the website is broken.
Any way to change the domain name???
As I said, yes I tried using the same code as the old website and put it in the new website but it’s broken.
Please help me. I want to change the domain name soo badly.

See this

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Some Question To Ask!

  • I guess you have bought a domain?
  • Or you might want to use a free subdomain.
  • Do you use WordPress?

Please answer these, so that we can give the necessary steps to help you out!

I want to move existing website to new one.

  1. Yep.
  2. Not sure what you mean.
  3. Nope.
    I answered them!. Confused about the 2nd one tho.

Never mind of the 2nd one. So your website is custom coded?

Yeah, I used Dreamweaver.

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So can you download the site file’s via ftp or the file manager? (ALL)

I tried file manager first, but it did not work then deleted the files.
Then downloaded FileZilla and uploaded it.
But it still did not work.

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Are sure you downloaded the files from the /htdocs dir?

I am sure.

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I could pm you my new and old website if you want?

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Yes, that would be very helpful!

I Pm’ed you.

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The issue has been fixed. @jaikrishna.t helped me in pm. Thank you.
It was a browser issue.

We figured it out as a browser issue.

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