Can anyone send requests to my php endpoint

Hi everybody, so I have an endpoint or php file in /api/new/ and I send requests to it to make new user profiles… what I’m asking is, can people send request to this endpoint from other servers, I know that from the front-end the CORS policy prevents them from doing that, but can they do it from the server side ?

It’s not actually a CORS proxy that blocks it, it’s a browser validation system that is preventing it from working. It just so happens that these URLs do not have CORS headers set why is why you will see CORS errors with AJAX requests. But this system is intended to block non-browser clients, and will do exactly that if you try to connect to it from any other kind of application.


So one more question please. let’s say that I want to send an Ajax request to this endpoint from another website, setting CORS headers will make it possible ?

If you had read that article admin shared,no.
But you can make apis possible by upgrading to premium hosting.(Premium hosting doesn’t have this limit.)


Actually I did and I read that there is a limit on AJAX requests and that it’s only possible on the same domain, but I misunderstood his reply “It just so happens that these URLs do not have CORS headers set”.

Anyway, thank you for making things clear, appreciate it

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