Can anyone please help out?

Can anyone PLEEEEEEEEAZZZEEEE offer a link on how to get my website and domain away from this place? Like migrate, delete, unhook, disconnect, LEAVE ?


Ah come one people! I am REALLY pressed on time here and need to get the website onto a working host ASAP. I need a help page on how to get it off of here… THANK YOU

Thats simple.

Just remove the nS

This is AGAIN my last reply b4 they block me AGAIN and I have to create another account AGAIN. So what the heck is a ‘nS’ please? I’m fairly new to this, and just managed to get the site online yesterday before I got suspended and since then I cannot login. Can’t PROPERLY ask for help here either cause they just block you for NO good reason. Thought I’d give the free route a try but this is not acceptable. We’re forced to ask help here but then they just block you here too???

So please, any help page I can go to where it is all explained a to z how to migrate away from here


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After a SIXTH (the sixth !) pw reset, I managed to login to cpanel. Finally. But so now it is some random pw. Where do I change it back to one of my choice please?

I already changed it three times via ‘edit account’ but there it does not seem to change anything at all.

So it is confirmed that changing the pw via ‘edit account’ does NOTHING. All pw stay the same. So what gives? How do I change my pw back please?

First of all you’re given up, of course a frustrating person would do lots of things on sudden and ruin everything, just the way you are changing your password.

  1. You must change your password on settings of YOUR SITE and NOT your account settings, i really don’t know how you are doing it, also please note it can take few minutes to change.
  2. YOU, acting like you are the boss, is only a thing that some of frustrating 10years old kids do, just take a look at topics of other people, they ask a question calmly and get a better answer too.

I’m getting blocked every step of the way dude, already before I asked for any help. It is NOT normal to be forced to use multiple users JUST to be able to properly reply to help offered here, so yeah, I am frustrated beyond reproach, but does that make me a lesser human being than someone who remains calm and supresses his emotions ??? No it does NOT, because I am showing that I have emotions and feelings, which means I am a HUMAN BEING. So thanks a lot for your lack of understanding. I am also new to this, so excuse me for not knowing the ‘slang’ used in building websites. I haven’t ‘given up’ either, I only decided to move my site away from here because this seems to be a waste of time, I have been sitting here for more than two hours now, and there has been ZERO productivity because of the circus forced upon me here, pw that do not work, logins that fail to work, help that cannot be asked because even there you’re ‘blocked’ after a few replies…I NEED to get it all up and running and I’m being harassed every step of the way. So yes, again, I am frustrated. That does not make me a bad person, it is rather others ‘judging’ a person like that just because he’s showing some feelings. How about that then? <3

Well, the system may have detected because your username is phishy,
Discussion title is spammy,

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It’s probably quite weird to ask but do you punish your teachers just because you cannot understand what they’re teaching you?


Oh but I DO understand perfectly what I am learning here. I’ve never built a website before, haven’t ever touched it, but I did manage to get the whole website built and online without anyone’s help. SSL, analytics, anti-spam, the whole shebang. So even though I am new to this ‘scene’, I’m far from stupid and can manage ‘most’ things on my own, always have. I’m not punishing any teachers here. Understand that frustrations are never aimed at the one who’s help is asked, now is it ? That is YOU who misinterprets MY intentions, so please do NOT turn that around. You judge people who do not suppress their feelings but show them, but somehow I’m the one in error? No no my friend, you must re-evaluate your own conclusions because you’re the opposite from being right regarding my frustrations.

You’re only adding to them too, in stead of just helping out a bit so those feelings can be tempered a bit. So please stop aiming your judgement towards me because I show you how I feel. In the end I’m only asking for help, and being calm’ is not a requisite for being allowed help. Imagine someone running for his life and help is refused because he didn’t suppress his feelings at the time. Do you understand how ridiculous and hypocrite that sounds?? So let’s ‘not’ be hypocrite, please.

You ‘assume’ a lot of things about me, but none of them are correct. Meanwhile, I’m gonna stop wasting time because as said I’m very pressed for time already, even without your childish responses that are of little help to the issue I still need solving here. But just leave it then, I’ll just go look in the help center on how to delete it all and find somewhere where help is given when asked, by people who are not reluctant to help even frustrated customers. You have yourself a nice day, but think about what I said, and realize you’re the opposite from right when judging people who show frustrations, especially if they’re NOT even aimed at you in the first place. THAT is where just about every person on this Earth these days keeps going wrong. The frustrations are not wrong, the judgement aimed at them from others is. That should also be known in Iran btw :wink: <3

No I’m gone. Again: have a nice day. I’ll find help some other way.

You can make another account for cPanel

I don’t care about what you are saying, I’m an adult with experiences from past, If i’m judging you is because i clearly see your missing my point, if you’re doing anything wrong it is at ur end not mine. If you’re not able to handle what ever people tell you in good way then you’re only the frustrating person.
Again i only wanted to help you, you only get frustrated. Good luck with whatever you’re doing but i’m sure nobody will ever help you but also kick you in ass from their services.

Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve helped lots of people and they’re not even frustrated on me, nor I’ve judged them. Ok whatever you say.


I didn’t understand this

It’s just a concern :confused:

Ok :wink:

Just going to post a person similar to him:

If he doesn’t respond like that to Admin then i’ll feel guilty.

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You shouldn’t feel guilty… He came on here demanding help in an angry and aggressive manner. He deserves to have help from no one they way he’s been acting.