Bypass aes.js with CloudFlare

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How can I by pass the /aes.js restriction with CloudFlare? I have seen that it is possible, but I have not figured it out.

I am new to CloudFlare, but I understand what it does and (sort of) how it works.

EDIT: if it cannot be done, that’s OK.

I don’t think it is possible unless you find a different CDN to use. What do you have against Cloudflare?

I don’t have anything against CloudFlare, it is very good. Thanks for the help, though.

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Hold on, are you asking how to bypass it with Cloudflare or without Cloudflare?

To do it with Cloudflare, you just enable Cloudflare on the domain. That’s it, no further configuration required. Do mind DNS propgation, etc.

To do it without Cloudflare, I don’t know. It’s likely that iFastNet specifically allowed Cloudflare to bypass the security system, but there might also be another parameter that another website security service could hook into.


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