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I tried to add a RoundCube webmail account but it says I can’t… Is there any way I can add a BUSINESS email (like [email protected]) for free? I’m trying to make an email list where I can send my subscribers some emails, or just newsletters. I already checked posts about using Gmail, but I don’t want to use [email protected]. I am not trying to spam or anything with the email…

Try Yandex??

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Yes! I heard of that, but did it stop working? The site seems to be different and I can’t read anything because it is in Russian. :confused:

Isn’t what you’re talking about yandex connect? like in this vid: (

Yes. Need to use google translate.

Mine still works :slight_smile:
Not sure abt new users though


We don’t provide email services anymore. We only do website hosting now.

I believe Zoho still has a free plan.

Although, if you want to send newsletters, you should really consider a newsletter or bulk email service. Most regular email account services have quite low sending limits, because they are intended for person to person communication, not newsletters.



Thanks! helped

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