Bulk emailing on Mailchimp

I’m sorry but I’m confused a bit about the said term about Bulk emailing. I want to clarify about the term bulk emailing means.

Does the term cover the use of campaign email marketing services such as Mailchimp?

Please advice @Admin


When we say “bulk e-mail is not allowed”, we really mean two things:

  • You’re not allowed to use our servers to send newsletters or other “bursts” of e-mail.
  • You’re not allowed to send large amounts of e-mail. So having a forum with thousands of posts per day and hundreds of members getting e-mail notifications about all those posts is not possible either.

Basically, sending e-mail is fine as long as it’s not too much and it is fairly spread out over the day.

However, this only covers the e-mail sent directly through our servers, so only Webmail and PHP mail() are subject to these restrictions. If you use a third party to send your e-mail, we don’t really care how much e-mail you send. Whether you’re sending newsletters through Mailchimp or sending notifications with Gmail, you only need to follow the terms of the e-mail provider you’re sending the mail with.

In short, we don’t really care what you do with Mailchimp.

I’m sorry to bother. I’m just new with this sever or hosting stuff, but thank you for that great hint. I really appreciate your response.

So, take care.