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This is the third installation of wordpress and still yet Elementor plugin its still not working , i have already tried all the fix there is, like deactivating all other plugins clearing cache , changing to default theme and even trying new browsers but nothing works… it just skip loading

also tried to use my Astra theme editor to edit my site but that still not working…pls help

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it work the first time of edit but after that just stop.
Am reaching out to you guys to know if you can help from your side​:pray::pray:

Elementor does not work well on free hosting. It is too resource intensive for free hosting


Pls KangJl prefer a builder for me to use

Read this thread


Thanks very much this helped alot

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I can use Elementor + Astra without any problems in my free account, but Elementor pro doesn’t load me when I try to edit a post or page, it keeps thinking.

As I have been able to read in the forum, it may be due to the fact that it puts a lot of load on the server.
If anyone knows the reason and knows of a solution for me to charge, I would appreciate it.

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If you can afford Elementor Pro, you can also afford a hosting plan that meets the system requirements for it. Please check out the shared hosting plans at iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree


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