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Hello, im making a website for school ( Astros (rf.gd) and all the words and letters are bugged, i suspect its because “ñ” and letters with accents “í,á,é” and “¿” is there a way to fix this? like a spanish pluggin?

Use characters like  . Google a cheat sheet for spanish characters

Try to add

<meta charset="utf8">

in your html

yeah adding fixed it! i have a new problem if someone wants to help me, this: cursor:url(https://cur.cursors-4u.net/nature/nat-10/nat996.cur), auto; works on my local files but not on the website :frowning:

It must work, maybe try clearing browser cache

I’ve found answer on StackOverflow
(link: html - CSS custom cursor doesn't work in FF/Chrome - Stack Overflow)
auto isn’t needed after cursor url, you must change it to pointer.
Your code must be like this:

.selector {
     cursor: url(...), pointer;

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