Bug Report - Emails

Hi, I’ve noticed a small issue involving emails on the InfinityFree platform.

The emails that are sent to users have a signature prepended to the end. This is default in Laravel and requires customization to remove such signature. However, this brings some unwanted issues. I’ve done a quick look and notice that “Laravel” keeps popping up.

Alright, that seems like an issue. How would I fix it?

Simple, really. Let’s take a look at your .env file. At the top, we’ve got our APP_NAME. Here’s where that comes in. Your APP_NAME comes prepended to the signature of all emails sent by your Laravel application.

Why is that an issue?

If you looked at the emails being sent, you’d see a Regards, {{ APP_NAME }}} where APP_NAME is the ENV value Laravel. To fix this, change that to InfinityFree. Once done, run the below command to cache your updated config file.

php artisan optimize

Okay, done. What does this command do?

The command php artisan optimize does exactly what you want it to do, and a little bit more. This command will:

  • Clear your config cache
  • Clear your views cache


If your curious, want Llaravel tips, whatever, feel free to ask me as many questions as you want. Also curious as to which version of Laravel your using. I’m set on Laravel 9.4.1 but not 100% sure.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT use InfinityFree. I created an account so I could get some inspiration ideas for my own ( soon to be open sourced ) client area.


Thank you for the report! This has been fixed now.

I’m aware of the APP_NAME variable. However, it appears that when the client area was updated to Laravel 10, the codebase was updated with a fresh copy of the Laravel skeleton, to help weed out any unnecessary deprecations. It appears that the application name got overlooked in the config/app.php file. And while most of these settings are configured in the environment variables on the server anyways for good measure, the APP_NAME variable wasn’t.

I’ve been using Laravel for eight years give or take, so I know my way around it. So the name tag is not about not knowing the setting exist, but accidentally having reverted the customization.


Awesome! Glad to see another Laravel user! Is there any packages your using that make development easier? I’ve started integrating Digital Ocean’s API for {{ product }} so we can attach licenses to servers. Noticed you’ve got a few packages already there, but I’m sure there’s something cool your using I don’t know about yet. I’ll share mine below as a link.

https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper - Add autocompletion for almost everything in your Laravel application.

Do you use Laravel Shift to upgrade or is everything done manually?

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For development? Not that much. I use Laravel Debugbar for some performance analysis. And also have Laravel Pint and PHP-CS-Fixer for code style checks, run through pre-commit.

I do the upgrades by hand. I don’t find them to be that difficult, so I don’t see the need to pay for Laravel Shift.

The most difficult part of upgrades in my experience are when other package maintainers haven’t released versions that allow the latest Laravel version. htmlmin for example doesn’t have an official Laravel 10 compatible release at all right now.


I’ve got quite a stack myself, albeit bigger than yours. I’ve got the debugbar already, pint configured and running, however I’ve got HELO which is a beyondcode product for local email testing. I’d admit I could stick with open source, I just can’t resist. I’ll admit that upgrades aren’t really hard, it’s just nice for something to warn you that your about to break something. I’ve got quite a bit for the programming aspect, however I’ll end up writing a blog post on that someday. If your curious, send a message to my PMs. I’ll leak that I’ve got a custom theme and some paid plugins, but most of it isn’t anything too exciting.

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I trust on my automated tests to identify any issues that happened as a result of the upgrade. I’ve never had any problems because of it.

For local mail testing, Mailpit works well enough for me. That’s also recommended by Laravel.


I’ve used mailpit and admit I like it, I just like the feature set HELO provides. It’s also got a helper package to identify any issues, meaning I don’t need to do additional debug on my end.

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