Hello, I’m using a plugin called BuddyPress and I’ve allowed people to upload their own avatars. I was wondering whether it would overload the server? I don’t wan’t to break the terms of using Infinityfree.


Best to wait for the admin,
but I can say something about avatar images

standard img size is :

Thumb – defaults to 50px square
Full – defaults to 150px square

img file size - it would be desirable to edit the file size and limit it to some value less than 2MB

but what worries me is that they are recommended to use VPS hosting or better

which is a sign that this plugin is resource hungry


Unless you have a crazy number of users on your site, I don’t see how that could overload the servers.

Image sharing sites are not allowed, but hosting a forum or a social site and allowing users to upload profile pictures and the like is no problem.


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