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So, I have been using Brave for a ton of time, but can’t get any rewards as I haven’t enrolled in a crypto wallet. However Brave still allows you to auto contribute to websites if you want. I see that isn’t verified with Brave, but I think it would be a great idea to have your website verified so I can auto contribute my Brave rewards to your site.

I’ve looked into Brave Rewards before. I do like to keep an eye on systems like that.

InfinityFree needs ads to survive, even though I’m well aware of the concerns regarding privacy and security and annoyance that prompts many people to install ad blockers. So initiatives that let publishers make money in a more private, secure and unobtrusive way are very interesting to me.

The things with Brave Rewards is that they pay out their publishers in crypto, which can be messy from a tax perspective. And to get the rewards, you need to link it to a custodial exchange for which they provide two options: one of which I never heard of and the other one I’ve only heard of because they recently went bankrupt.

So I’ll look into it and see if it’s worth it. But just like you don’t get rewards because the difficulty of dealing with crypto, that same difficulty applies to us.


What about Though not sure if it will work on Ifastnet free servers (unless is hosted on a premium plan).

Why not? Working for me…

I thought the bot blocking thing may affect it

Also, do you find that the pay is good?

Not if you are using custom domains and CloudFlare.

It used to be good


I checked’s website and FAQ primarily to figure out how exactly their monetization works. And based on that information, the entire thing reeks of a ponzi scheme to me.

So if you use Arc’s platform, you put their code on your site which plugs all your visitors into their peer-to-peer CDN. Then, people’s browsers will start redistributing content, for which you will get paid. But as a website owner, once you exceed the free quota, you also need to pay for the bandwidth used by your visitors to download assets.

So you get paid for bandwidth but also need to pay for bandwidth, all tracked through Arc, and you just have to hope that at the end of the month, what you pay and what you get paid turns out positive to you.

That sets of my scam alarms. Either someone pays me for a service or I pay them for a service. If it’s supposed to make me money, then just take the costs as a cut of the revenue. If it’s supposed to just be a discount for me, then just charge me the discounted price. You’re a business, you need to make sure your business is profitable and not pin all the risk on me.

I also do think it’s funny that they say they are so much better than crypto mining systems. Is it really so different if you (ab)use a browser to mine crypto or serve assets without consent?


I thought so too

As @KangJL said, it used to be but now the whole service is pretty much dead.


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