Bought premium hosting

I bought the premium hosting via infinityfree cpanel and we paid with paypal but we didn’t got any login details and the money is gone. What can we do?

does it help you?


We didn’t got any login credentials for the hosting.

you might wait for few hours since its staff aren’t 24/7 active, our contact them.


Can you double check the account is actually “Active”, not “Pending”? Because if so, you haven’t been scammed, your order just hasn’t been reviewed yet.

In any case, you need to contact iFastNet about this. Nobody here can look in their order system and tell you the status of your account or it’s details.


If you want to get in touch with iFastNet you can go to their Support Page and create an account first and then login to create a ticket.
They actually have a good support as far as what I experienced, they typically reply about 1 min - 10 mins. Sometimes even just a few seconds or a few hours.

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