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search engines bots & sitemap.xml generators can’t extract site URLs.
i have infintyfree free host & wordpress & yoastseo

Please elaborate

I see this

Do this first


now the nameserver set to, i still only get the homepagy only in sitemap generators. and search bots submit sitemap 0 URLs discovered. when open sitemap.xml in browser its open, but search engine dont,
when make site scan i got the result attached.

Thanks in advance

External tools may not work because of the security system:

Since you use WordPress, try utilizing a plugin for creating sitemaps. They will be much better than an external tool anyway, as they will have been specifically coded with the platform you are using in mind.


Dear Chris,
I use AIOSEO and Yoast SEO, they created a full sitemap.xml but search engine cant read it.
while the domain URLs only opens in browser but other no like search engine bots, external sitemap validator.
I hope fix this issue so my website indexing in search engines.

External sitemap validators aren’t able to check your sitemap, indeed, because of the security system that ensures only web browsers can access your websites.

Most popular search engines, such as Google, have been whitelisted from this system however, so they should be able to read your sitemap and index your website accordingly.


how could I know what’s exactly security system only allow web browser, in WordPress and hosting.

Check this article Ensuring only web browsers can access your website


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