Bootstrap icons and animation not working on website


I have recently hosted my portfolio website here, but it isn’t fully loading.
The website is built using bootstrap and employs bootstrap animations and icons, however both are not working online. I’ve noticed that the ‘assets’ folder size is not the same in my computer (20MB) as online (5MB only), so I’m wondering if the problem’s from there. I have checked the bootstrap icons css file and it seems fine (no changes to code and it is properly linked to my index.html file).
Note: I’m not sure if this is relevant, but when I was uploading my folder, I got the 404 Not found error a few times, and the only solution to avoid it was to upload the files two at a time, so I uploaded the whole folder two files at a time and I didn’t get the error.

This is the website:

Thanks for the help.

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It seems to be working fine for me, besides the fact that the scroll animation is not detecting my current page position correctly.

You may want to try clearing your cache:

If that does not work, please try uploading your files using FileZilla.


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