Bootstrap - how to manage and publish?

I am trying to upload my files that is working offline in my desktop but I dont know how to put online in my infinity free cpanel and manage like we do with wordpress in wp-admin.
how can I manage it? and I need to instal some of those softaculous app or just upload direct in htdocs?


You can upload the files with FTP.

I’m sorry, but that’s not how a CMS works.

How to manage a site depends on how the site was built. If you built a site using Bootstrap and plain HTML, then you can manage it by editing the HTML.

If you want to edit the content with a CMS, you need to convert the HTML code into a theme or template the CMS can inject it’s contents in.

How complicated this is depends on the CMS you’re using. WordPress themes are quite involved in my experience, but I’ve also used CMS like GetSimple that don’t require a lot of changes.

But if you don’t want to write code, you should choose a CMS and choose a theme for the CMS. WordPress with a WordPress theme works very well.


Thanks so much!! Its what I was looking for!!


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