CNAME Records in dns

When i tried to setup a new domain in cloudflare which was earlier pointed to i Found the dns record named

why is it there in our dns records??/

It is visible in your screenshot ;D

Uh! Forgot to conceal.
Anyways so you know what is it?

When i googled I found that it was a parking website similar to

Yeah, And it doesn’t matter, 1176 is just the account number for IFastNet, It is the default CNAME to redirect non-existant subdomains to the parking page


Is it mandatory to be in our records or can we just discard it.

It is not required but helps iFastNet earn money to maintain free hosting. It’s your choice :wink:

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Are you seriously mad or what?

If iFastNet earns money, then you will not keep it?
Don’t be money minded. The servers are hosted free for everyone by iFastNet, NOT YOU!
They are paying high sums of money in order to keep free hosting alive, you are not paying them! Such a foolish statement I didn’t expected.

@anon77371365 why did you deleted the message now?


If you’re using your own nameservers, you can just delete the records. We won’t punish you for doing so.

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I believe it’s our own wish,
Thanks Admin for clarifying,
IDK why @allroundernaman is raging a lot,
I think no one will like to have ads in their webpage if they use their own ns.
like literally more than 60% of people just delete the cname record.

If you really want to support them go ahead and buy premium plan for your hosting service

and you suspended my account for no reason

Seeing you both are fighting each-other on a not-so-small issue then I made some letters for You both… @allroundernaman and @anon77371365 .

Having opinions doesn’t mean to be mad or not, it really depends on person’s Experiences, knowledge etc. If you’re going to be his cold-blud enemy it is fine, But this forum is not a place for your battles.

Supporting is not even with buying premium, if you want to support em, just be an active and happy customer, that’s it. I cannot pay for their premium doesn’t mean I hate this service, anyways.
removing that CNAME record is fine, but habid of removing it to prevent them from getting money is not, Ifastnet pays alot for their servers.

He is not even an ifast staff, If it is suspended, contact em for reactivation.

If you're going to continue that, then i'll have to lock this topic.

I am sorry :cry:

If possible lock the topic ASAP,I don’t want to get into fights anymore

Ah! Gibberish here. Let me clarify.

So first thing. I am not at all raging.
As @DimitrisT already said:

Next thing, these are infinity forums, not the forums for other companies.

This is totally useless thing you mentioned here. Totally off-topic. And I’m not advertising any company here from my side, even if that is my company.
I help people out here on the forums, not here for fighting with you or another, nor I have done that thing till now.

Next we come to our mod @anon19508339.

See you know my intention very well. I just have dropped one comment and one comment doesn’t mean I am fighting.
Well I don’t think I need for more explaination.

Well I am glad atleast he realizes that he thinks wrong here.


I don’t know why he wants the topic to be closed. But if he wants the topic to be closed, let it be. After all he argued off-topic there.

Just a last thing, if you think I raged, then why did you just deleted this message?


PS: Anyways, if I am harsh, I apologize. But see I am here to help people, and I do it regularly and free with detailed explanations. I am not a support seeker here, I am doing it not-for-profit as other people do. So please do what ever you want. I will not trouble here in this topic anymore, I have muted this topic now. Everyone has it’s own opinion, just I wanna say respect the company who is doing that all stuff free for you. In the sake I don’t want iFastNet to earn money from my website doesn’t mean I raged on you. If people here don’t know, then I will tell, I supported you from my website’s live chat, as well as Instagram.

Ofc @anon77371365, do whatever you want. I’m not from the staff of iFastNet as said by @anon19508339 earlier.



I was afraid that you start the fighting.

Anyways, i’m locking this topic, best regards :slight_smile: