BODIS and sub domains

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: all subdomains redirect to BODIS ads.

Additional information: I am currently hosting my site on “ aka

I switched from “freescripthost”(another host) a while back when they did an update and broke some things, I used this host for a while to try it out. Works fine, some things are finicky, I couldn’t get subdomains to work, always redirect to ads. I wanted to go back to the other host because I have the rest of my site there. Now I’m finding that BODIS seemingly still has control over my domain. All subdomains I have set up on the other host redirect through 11776.BODIS.COM. they all have redirection ads.

I’ve deleted my domain from this host, set my DNS nameservers back to (freescripthost) and my main domain works fine. I have deleted and re-created my subdomains.
All pre-existing subdomains, still redirect to BODIS ads. New ones don’t, but I need all of my subdomains to be clean.

Will I ever get these subdomains back? I don’t understand how they still control that. the other host does not use BODIS. I can’t have my subdomains redirecting to malware like they are now.

I don’t believe that this is a DNS cache issue, I’ve cleared my cache, and’s cache for my domains, this still happens. The “A” and “CNAME” records for subdomains still point to BODIS. My subdomains still end with “/?z” before redirecting.

Is there something else that I (or you) have to do to remove my domain from BODIS?


FreeScriptHost and InfinityFree are the same hosting. They have the same VistaPanel interface, they have the same features, the same white-labelled nameservers, subdomain creation, etc. They also have their own limits (CPU limits, EP limits, I/O limits, etc).
I don’t know you can get those subdomains back, but I know you need to wait 72 hours to them to push the new changes to the network.

So… you’re not hosting your website with InfinityFree, but still say that we should fix your website? I’m sorry, but shouldn’t you ask your current hosting provider why your site doesn’t work, rather than the provider who isn’t hosting your website anymore?

I’m happy to help you with this, but I have to ask you to move your site back first so I actually have the ability to do things.

Ohh, well then I’ll wait a few days first, see if time helps, but I was asking about if anything was necessary.
If a few days makes no difference, then I will transfer my domain back and ask for help. Does it need to be an addon domain or a parked domain?

Or should I try to contact BODIS about this?

Thank you for your help, and sorry about the question being so rushed.
I was really stressed and surprised that my domain was still controlled by BODIS. I got in trouble with my organization when they found my domain pointing to this stuff. Apparently, on Edge browser, the redirect brought up windows UAC and put him in the fake “Your computer is corrupted You must pay us” loop preventing closing the page.

The key point to note here is that, if you have any problems with your website, you should ask the provider who is currently hosting your website. The only exception is when you are trying to move your website somewhere else (in that case, you should ask the new provider what you need to do to move the website to them). Never bother asking a provider who you’ve moved your website away from to fix your website. Even if they have the ability to fix anything at all, they usually don’t know which settings to use for the new provider.

Hosting providers help their customers get up and running on their service. They don’t typically help their former customers get up and running on someone else’s service.

It doesn’t matter. As long as the domain is assigned to an account with us, I can help you.

Bodis can’t fix this issue. There seems to be a wildcard DNS record on your domain which points everything to Bodis. Bodis blindly serves ads on every domain which points to them, which is completely normal. Removing the ads should be done by removing the wildcard DNS record, which only your current hosting provider is able to do (unless you have full DNS management yourself now).

Again, always ask the provider who is hosting your website why the domain doesn’t work as expected.

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