blogger does not recognize my domain as mine

Hello, I have a blog in blogger and I want to add the domain that I acquired through this page, but I reject it, I have already placed the two names cname and “A” of the Google addresses I have. I have placed in the part of the control panel called SPF records, but still does not recognize the domain as mine, additional in the last section I entered a new panel called “c panel x demo”, in the “editor area” I repositioned Google’s IP address, but still does not recognize the domain as mine in my blog, would anyone know what’s happening? Thanks in advance.

First of all, it’s important to note that we don’t support using our subdomains with other hosting providers. You can only use our subdomains with our hosting. And if you would like to use Blogger instead, you could switch to a free subdomain of Blogger.

Part of this is caused by the fact that you cannot edit the main DNS records for your subdomain. If you assign to an account, then will always point to the server your account is on. I’m not sure which DNS records you edited exactly, but I’m not sure that it’s even possible to create the DNS records required by Blogger.

Ready, with this I have a little clearer the subject, thanks for the answer. bye.

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