Blocs (website builder) and connection with WordPress

Hi people! I’m writing the same thing I post on the Blocs forum.

Blocs is an app (like wix, but more senior) where is possible to edit the visual of PHP templates from WordPress and save it as a theme.

The code is clean and the tool is super fast and easy. Also, it suport WP shortcodes.

Very well. So to Blocs access WP files is needed to install a plugin (Wordpress Developer Plugin – Blocs – User Documents)

But when I try to connect to WP, I receive this message from Blocs:

Sorry, Blocs is not able to load any WordPress data from the domain…

My suspect is some kind of host restriction.

Could somebody help me? Is it a restriction or is related to the WP config?

I’ve never heard of this Blocs tool, but judging by the error message, I think this is the issue:

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