Blocking VPN/Thor/Proxies from accessing my website

Username killerscripts

No need to mention my site because that’s a general question :slight_smile:

Is there any free way I can prevent VPN/Proxy/Thor from accessing my website?
After searching on Google I found something called “firewall rule” or something like that.

An illustration from Cloudflare(paid only):

Thnaks in advance!

Would this be helpful?

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Hypothetically, yes. But you would need a list of IP addresses of all VPN and proxy providers that exist in the world and block any requests coming from those IP addresses. It’s possible, but definitely not practical, easy or air tight.

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Hey :slight_smile:
The system Cloudflare provides it and it seems really nice and easy for the user
So you’re saying it’s possible to do but you don’t provide this kind of service?
Asking because I don’t want to look for IP’s now haha

Yes and yes. You can try the Cloudflare thing, but no guarantee that it will work. Why do you want to do this anyway?

It’s a rather unique Cloudflare thing. No hosting provider I know has this as a feature, because it’s basically impossible to do.

Even Netflix can’t get this right, and they are a big company with strong reasons to make this work.


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