Blocked Request through Google

My website runs a Script witch gets data from google drive, it was working before but when woke up the next day, the script stopped working.

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While I’m not sure but it seems like this is against the Terms of Service and is now allowed here on free hosting.
Refer to Section 10 of the ToS:

Examples of not allowed script and website types include (but are not limited to):
•Pornographic/adult content
•Proxy scripts
•Chat scripts
•Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet sites
•File sharing / file storage scripts
•Autolike scripts
•Hacking scripts / PHP shell scripts
•Mass mail scripts
•Website scraping/crawling/downloading scripts
•Cracked/pirated content of any kind

So isn’t your script technically a Website scraper/crawler since it extracts data from other websites?
If that’s the case then such scripts are not allowed on free hosting and is also a direct violation of the ToS which can result to a suspension of your account.

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Google changed their SSL settings recently which we know already broke access to the ReCAPTCHA API. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re running into the same issue now.

This issue will be resolved next week with a PHP upgrade.

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