Blocked but why?

This is the third time my account got blocked due to suspicious files. Am I the only one who is doing something wrong? I can’t get any explainantion what is wrong. It is unblocked twice but the site was off-line for some time. Does anybody know why this is happening. If I don’t get an answer I will leave this site knowing that it is not proffesionally run.

There are many reasons why files could be flagged a suspicious. It’s all completely automated.

Most of the time, the abuse detection is correct, sometimes it’s not. Some types of (legitimate) content are notoriously hard to get through the filters, like social login pages (e.g. login with Facebook on your own website) or PayPal checkout buttons. They are often flagged as potential phishing.

However, I can’t smell from here why your account specifically was blocked. You should submit a review request for that.

I DID !! Where is the result. I have NO social logins or Paypal shit. There is only one WordPress site which is blank. There is only one php file which can sent confirmation emails.