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Hello Everyone,

I’m just new here and I have a problem which I don’t know where can find it. Please help me.
I’m working with my website yesterday, and midnight I finished uploading all the necessary requirement for website hosting. When I’m done I tried to open my website but it is blank page only.

What can I do?
I don’t know what’s the error, please help me.

Thank you in advance.

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Is your website using php script?

I think so, I’m sorry I’m not really sure. I used Wordpress to build a website.

So you’re uploading your wordpress installation from local server to here?


Do I really need to wait 72hrs or there’s a problem with my website?

Please help me. I just really need it.

Thank you so much everyone.

You just need to wait 72 hours. There’s nothing wrong with your website.

Just have patience and everything should be fine.

Thank you thank you so much.

I checked your website and I also see a blank page.

Looking at your code, it’s not exactly surprising. The index.html you uploaded contains a few tags, but no content at all. So nothing will be shown on the page.

I do see a folder with files that seem to be from WordPress Duplicator. I’m not familiar with how that plugin works. So please check the information from Duplicator on how to restore your website with that.

Or follow our website migration guide instead.

But as troublesome as WordPress backup/migration plugins tend to be, Duplicator at first sight seems to be promising because you can manually extract their archive instead of having to send hundreds of MB of proprietary format backup to a web form and hope for the best.


thank you for reply it’s really help me to fix this problem.

In the index.html should delete all tags and just put a simple html tag?

Thank you again.

If the problem is that your website is just tags and no content, then no, putting different tags in there won’t fix the issue.

HTML tags control layout. But you cannot see layout if there are no things to be laid out.

If you want to see things, you need to put content in there like text, links and images.

You have a website account. It’s a blank canvas. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it. But that means that you’ll probably want to put stuff on the canvas or it will remain blank.

Why did you create a hosting account in the first place? Maybe think about that and figure out the next step you can take to achieve your goals.



It’s all good now.

Thank You.

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