Blank Private Key Field

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: When I try to upload the private key in order to upload my SSL certificate which I already have, it refreshes the page and leaves the key field blank.

I’m using this software: Chrome, Windows

Additional information: Everytime I try to enter the private key it doesn’t save, so I can’t upload my already generated (and paid for) SSL.

The only reason I can think of that an SSL private key would be rejected was if it has the wrong key size. In the wild, you’ll often see keys which are either 2048 bits or 4096 bits, but our panel only supports 2048 bits.

You may be able to check for yourself if this is the case for your private key. You can check it with the openssl command line utility: linux - I have a keypair. How do I determine the key length? - Server Fault

If your key is indeed 4096 bits, you will need to generate a new private key with 2048 bits, and reissue your SSL certificate to match the new key. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase a new SSL certificate. All SSL vendors I know allow you to regenerate your SSL certificate at any time for free.


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