Blank Home screen

I am getting a blank page when i load my website, I have uploaded all files and checked to be sure everything is okay, yet nothing is working, if i try to change the location of a file, it will display error message, it gets back to blank page once i correct it.

Can you share the code of your “index” file?

I don’t see any index. If I type index.html it goes to a 404! And it redirects to Mediconn | Medical and Allied Services | Register/Login (

The language is PHP.
Index file is with the .php extension.

Correct your error



Looks like he/she moved from localhost to live, without editing links!


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Okay, thanks
Let me try that :smiling_face:

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I have corrected it, now it is redirecting too many times.

Check through .htaccess for causes of infinite redirect loop

Here’s my .htaccess, Can’t find the error here

What is the content of the index.php?


could you share the whole code?

You may have a header(“location”) somewhere in your code that may be causing the redirection loop.


Should I remove the header(location)?

You should try.

The issue seems to be that there is code in your site that detects errors, and when it does, it redirects to

But then the error page also generates an error and redirects to the error page, which generates an error and redirects to the error page, etc. etc.

So I think there are two things you should do here:

  • Figure out why this “An error might have occurred in the system” is being generated in the first place, and fix that.
  • Ensure that if an error does occur, the system will display an error page correctly and not go into a redirect loop.

I took a quick look at your code to see if there was an easy to find answer, but your site looks quite complex and completely custom coded. I personally won’t be able to help you without digging into the code base and debugging it, which is not really something I want to do.


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