Dear InfinityFree or Hans :wink: ,

Please whitelist this domain on your ad :
Its a free web hosting tho a few years ago, now its become Premium Only


The only site which is blacklisted now for advertisements is (because, as you noticed, that’s weird). Beyond that, we don’t have any restrictions on which ads can be shown.

If you want to see more ads here, please ask the owners of that site to spend a lot more on AdWords and target keywords like “free hosting” and “free web hosting”. We don’t decide which ads are shown, Google does (because they are much better at negotiating a good deal).

Oh sorry i mean BLACKLIST.
Cause it could steal ur customer

@PlanetGamingGG said:
Oh sorry i mean BLACKLIST.
Cause it could steal ur customer

Without meaning to advertise, checkout their plan, its too cheap for SSD Unlimited hosting…
Server is quite fast and 24/7 support even tho they will take like 5 mins to reply

We’re not going to blacklist every hosting provider out there who may have a good offer, finding and blacklisted the tens of thousands of hosting providers using AdWords is impossible.

Getting competitor offers is something that may happen if you’re using a third party ad broker, and we’re not going to pretend we’re the only hosting providers in the world.

If you’re in Indonesia and you would like to sign up with an Indonesian web hosting provider, go for it! We’re not an Indonesian hosting provider, we can’t realistically compete with them in that regard.

Just make sure to do your research beforehand. You said “it’s too cheap”, which from what I’ve heard is a good explanation of their service.

You’re Right @Admin
It’s not as cheap as potato even tho it did cheap as a potato when black friday sale but Wait, I keep getting the 508 error even tho the limit is like 512MB and the website was 100% Same on InfinityFree…

InfinityFree is better to me!
Works faster even tho sometimes it could slow down a bit but acceptable because ITS FREE~!
Happy with ya Infinity!