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Username - epiz_29712036

Error Message

There has been a critical error on this website.

[Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.]

Other Information

I sometimes find the gateway timeout (Error-504)

I tried contacting WordPress, but it told me it co

uldn’t do much. All it said was I had to seek help from you since the problem was on this side.

The problem occurred while I was designing my website in WordPress, where I was miraculously directed to their Maintenance tab, saying they would bring me back in a minute, but then it turned to hours.

I tried logging in, but it didn’t work. I was then told to contact them for further help since it was saying my WordPress account doesn’t exist at all. Yet I made one after the installation.

Admin URL I got when I finished installing word press-

When I emailed them, they told me to contact you.

Pliz help me kindly.


Please read these docs:


Didn’t you get an email from your website? Also this is not the place to ask questions about Well, just email them to reset your password or activate your account back again.

Perhaps try reading this:

Hey, thanks for your opinion but the think is i emailed them.
This is what wordpress told me…

We’re sorry that you’re facing this problem. There is a high probability that you’re actually trying to log in to the wrong place.

How You Got Here

Does the following sound like what’s happening?

  • You had an error or problem logging into your website, and you clicked some link that took you to the wordpress website.
  • You saw a login link on, and then you tried to login there using your “WordPress” username and password. Probably using the username of “admin”.
  • That didn’t work and gave you an account disabled message, and this led you to email us.

If so, we’re really sorry but we won’t be able to fix this for you, because you’re logging in to the wrong site.

You are attempting to log into the WordPress support forums using the accounts on your own installation. That will not work. You do not have an account on the WordPress support forums (don’t panic! you don’t need one).

We understand the confusion, because you have a WordPress account on your own website which runs WordPress, and we run WordPress here on, and we built the software. They feel like they should relate, but they don’t.

Your account is not related to WordPress(.org) it only exists on your own site. We can’t log in to your site at all.

What to Do Next

Your best bet here is to determine who your webhost is and directly contact them for help with your hosting issues. They should be able to help you fix your site, or will be able to sort out what’s really happening.

We also do have documentation on how to reset passwords on your own site, which may help you resolve this on your own:

This is a common point of confusion.

Your website is running a piece of software called WordPress. This software is free and open source, and it runs on your own servers or web hosting account.

Basically, we cannot help you with any hosting issues, because the two are not connected in any way.

We hope this helps you going forward and helps with you solving your problem!


Thank you. The first link was of help. My website is back. I really, really appreciate it.


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