Big Problem - Backup on Softaculous is "gone"

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I do not do anything. I always backup my site then download the backup file and upload it to my cloud storage. Yes, I change some words/paragraphs in WordPress but it should not affect Softaculous. Now when I was about to backup my site, then surprisingly, the backup is gone even my former backups that I luckily downloaded.

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I think Softaculous deletes backups after a period of time, or when/if a storage limit is reached.
Just curious, why do you care, though, because you downloaded them and stored them in another location?

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@wackyblackie The option to perform a manual backup is missing. Yes, I know its okay to loose a backup but not to loose the functionality to perform it.

I was able to find my backups at the folder named softaculous_backups but I cannot still perform a new backup of my site. I have only 2 backups. I always delete the 3rd to 4th version of the backup, so that I will never have problems. To avoid confusion, I always just maintain 2 recent versions of the Backup and delete the others.

Do the backups in Infinity Free/Softaculous is now disabled (maybe due to abuse?)

On the buttons in line of Staging, Remove and Uninstall I always have the option to backup the site. But now its gone, like just gone missing with no notices.

You can still backup this way


Yes it does the job but taking 4 hours of backup using FTP is really a big hasle (like changing just a grammar error in wordpress then wait 4 hours for a ineffective backup). Brownouts can take in-place and you will need to restart the whole backup process. Also, sometimes there are times that some files cannot be downloaded. Some files that are backuped that way is corrupted, like the files is broken. So I wanted if the Softaculous Manual Backup will be back again as it only takes minutes.

Yes, the Database backup works fine but the FTP Connection is really a struggle to use with even with FileZilla and WinSCP. So, I will wait for the Admin to respond on what happend on my account and why its backup functionality gone missing.

@Admin why does my option to backup is missing? why? why?

I am now having headaches on how can I backup my site (aside from the ineffective FTP)

Upgrade to premium hosting

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Do Infinity Free removes the backup option (in order) for it to sell the premium hosting?

As of now, I am checking all the configurations on Softaculous, but I cannot see anything related to backups. So, it seems like the issue is coming from the admin and not from mine.

What I have tried?

Using Infinity Free Vpanel on other devices (STILL THE BACKUP OPTION IS MISSING)
Deleted Manually all the backups via the FTP (STILL THE BACKUP OPTION IS MISSING)

Hypothesis: It seems like Infinity Free disabled it, because I read in the Softaculous forum that the admin can disable it.

Possibly. Using our hosting space for backup storage was never allowed, so it always was kinda weird you could do exactly that through Softaculous.

I can totally imagine that someone at iFastNet saw a server getting full, noticed many accounts having multiple GB in a softaculous_backups folder, noted “hold on, that’s not supposed to be possible” and changed the setting.


Okay simple. @ifastnet appeal!

Username: epiz_32112979
Appeal: To restore the backup option in Softaculous.

But think about that. If you are allowed to have a ton of backups, then there is less storage available on the servers.

And since these are free servers, nobody is paying money for them to be upgraded, and nobody is paying money for more to be added.

Eventually, there will be so many backups that the amount of space that you will be allowed to host your actual website content would be less. Then people will start complaining about not having enough space to host a WordPress site.

Also, WordPress stores your articles in the Database, not within a file. So if you just made an article change, you don’t have to backup over FTP, you only have to do a DB dump.

Lastly, you can just start the FTP backup when you are getting ready for bed, and (A) shut if off before you fall asleep, (B) turn it off in the morning, or (C), have the computer automatically turn off after 6 hours (Giving the transfer plenty of time to finish).

Also, please don’t ping everyone. Most of us have pings turned off, and those who don’t are not going to come to the four just because someone pinged them. People will see this post as unread when they come online.


so does this work? i only want 1 back up and i dont even care if its in the server or not, i will manually download it if given the chance.
so i’m gonna do what you did here cause i dont know what else to do.

@ifastnet appeal!
username: epiz_32303122
Appeal: Please restore the backup option in Softaculous, i only use one backup file.

Which is exactly 1 backup more than you are allowed to store on our hosting.

We do not allow backup storage on our hosting. So of course we’re not going to give you the tools to do exactly that.


Well if the backup is not on the server, how are you supposed to get it?

Oh, I know! If you take the backup yourself and put it in a hard drive (External, internal, it does not matter), then you will have your own backup that you can access at any point, and do whatever you want with it.

Do note that the terms and conditions state that you are the only one responsable for backing up your site. If you want to know why, read my previous responce.


ok but why so rough
i only asked cause i didnt know how to do it manually and ruined a website before by doing it manually
i meant 1 back up and after getting the backup deleting it from the server
instead of answering with hostility try to imagine that i may be a newbie
your website your rule, but dont be rude :slight_smile:

For one, you were asked not to ping people, yet you still did

For two, it was already explained, and stated that it would not happen, but you still repeated your previous reply.

Backing up is super simple. All the work is done by the computer:

I understand that you may be a newbie. But I also expect that you read previous replies before posting, as everything has already been explained.

It’s not my website (I am technically a volunteer, I don’t get paid), and I did not make the rules.


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