[BETA] Install the certificate automatically!

Great!!! Atleast the new thing you have to do is to just request an SSL Certificate and add the cname records and in one click you’re done.

But there is a problem with this. It still does not complete the SSL install process. Needs improvement, but it will be better if the entering of cname records will be also automatic.

What I suggest is to to just, we have to request one, enter our domain or subdomain and it will now do the job of entering the cname records.

But for now, I will still use the manual method as I mentioned earlier, the feature is still not working. But it is a great concept.

I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused by your message. Are you saying that you’d rather also see the CNAME records being set up automatically? Or is the SSL installation actually not working for you?

If it’s the former, I know and I agree. The automatic SSL installation is a first implementation of a new integration system, and I decided to start by implementing one feature to “test the waters”. Also automating the CNAME setup is the obvious next step.

But you’re saying the feature is not working? If so, what’s not working about it? What issue do you see?


It indeed great but it says there are error installing the certificate to the account.

The auto cname installation is a sugestion and nothing than that.

When did you last try? There was a bug that resulted in many errors until then, but that has been fixed and it should work a lot more reliably now. (The certificates were actually being installed correctly, but there was a bug in the subsequent check to see if it was successful.)

But in general, if you think there is an issue, please help solve it by reporting it in hosting support and provide information so we can try to fix it. Posting a message here basically saying “it’s a nice idea, but it’s a missed opportunity because it doesn’t actually work” doesn’t exactly help make it better.


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