Best CSS Libraries for your website

Here’s a list about what CSS Libraries i recommend to use for make your sites more beautiful.

#1 - AOS (Animate On Scroll):
“AOS” is a full library with animations to implement it on your website without using keyframes. It includes premade animations and you can easily apply it to any div item that you got in your website code. Link:


  • Customizable duration for the animations

  • 3D rotating animations included (flip anims)


  • You cannot quit the transitions when you go up in your site

#2 - WickedCSS:
An alternative to the first one, which includes more animation effects than appearing transitions. You can try it at here:


  • Some looping animations are included (spinning, rotation, pulse)


  • No enough animations are included in this library

#3 - Icon Libraries:
These projects makes free icons to use at your sites with just putting one code to install it. Very nice alternatives to Font Awesome Icons. Links:


  • High Quality Icons

  • Free to use


  • Low quality looking for low-end PCs

#4 - CSS Gradient:
With this tool, you can create your own gradient styles, and the site will give you a code to copy your gradient style into any element that you want to modify. Very nice to apply it into the body to change the background. Link:


  • Customizable degrading colors


  • No custom forms (like Gradient Magic) :arrow_down:

#5 - Gradient Magic:
This one is a library of full premade gradient backgrounds to use it at your websites. You can select any one of their gradients to install it at your site with just inserting a code that the site will give to you to insert it into the element that you want to modify. Link:


  • Free cool designs to use


  • Not customizable colors

  • Some designs are only for premium users

I hope that this guide helps to anybody who wants to make their website look better. Cheers.

@IC3k1ng - I published this as informal as I feel that it does not contain the level of detail we require for community guides. It is still publicly viewable and searchable here!


Perfect. :ok_hand:

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