Best cheap domain name place for 2019?

Hello, I’m planning on buying a domain name soon to use with InfinityFree. Can anyone recommend a cheap and legit domain name registration places? Most likely I’ll be going with a .com domain, which I am hoping to keep registered basically forever.

Make sure they don’t do shady things like sell your domain to bribes, or up the costs out of nowhere to essentially blackmail you for more money, etc.

Let me know any pros and cons of your recommended registrars.
(Also SSL would be nice, but I think CloudFare does that for free once you have a real domain name)


Namecheap for sure

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InfinityFree recommends NameSilo, as it doesn’t have any hidden fee and all domain protections and all things are free with the domain itself. Also, .com domains registered there cost $8.99 forever, not unlike many domain registrars. You can register a domain from here or transfer an existing one from here.


Thanks for the recommendations. Judging from the TrustPilot reviews, NameSilo seems to be the more legit looking one.

NameSilo 4.5: NameSilo Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of
Namecheap 2.5: Namecheap Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

I just bought my domain with NameSilo! I pointed the nameservers to InfinityFree as guided, I hope it’s ready in a few hours.

FIXED: You must login into the Control Panel at least once.

It’s been set up, but I can’t access file manager because “Your account must be active” - hope it’s ready soon.

If this is due to an error and admins need to fix, my domain is

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