Sir my site is
it is not working please help

now it is showing wrong site

Can you please make sure your DNS records in Cloudflare are correct? And if you don’t know how to setup the right DNS records for your domain, maybe you could consider switching your domain name back to our nameservers, which are already set up correctly?

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I mistakenly deleted the www cname records in dns how can i get back

First, delete all DNS records currently in Cloudflare’s DNS page. Then, you’ll want to add the following DNS records:

  • A CNAME record with name @ and the target being your Main Domain. How to find your Main Domain
  • Another CNAME record with name www and target @.
  • A MX record with name @ and target (to receive emails).
  • Optionally other CNAME records with your subdomains’ names as name (note that the subdomains need to be created with your domain, not with other domains, for their records to work) and @ as target if you created them before.
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Thank you sir.Site lived but it is redirecting to https

And, as far as I know, some links are still in HTTP mode. Try to install Really Simple SSL from your WordPress dashboard to fix that problem and have a fully-accessible-through-HTTPS website.

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Thanks a lot for support

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