Basic Question about uploading HTML Files

I have created a basic .htm file for a website and I have uploaded it into the htdocs filer. I have named it index.htm. I don’t know how to point to that file.

When I go to the url provided by InfinityFree, it takes me to a ‘parked domain’ page on When I go to the domain that I ‘added on’ the site, which is the domain I wish to use, the site cannot be reached.

I saw in the tutorial that when I ftp a file, I should ensure it is in the correct directory, (eg. / or / I cannot create directories that end in .com however and I can’t seem to get to a root(?) directory anyhow.

Thanks in advance for anybody who can poke me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum

the standard name for the first page is index
and that is also important for SEO

you need to define the starting/home page
in .htaccess file inside of your htdocs folder

# start here
DirectoryIndex index.html

if starting page don’t exist - make it

if you use php then index.php
if you use regular html then index.html
you choose name…

one can also do something like this

DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php

server first go and check if exists index.html
if not then check index.htm
and if it does not exist, it will try to serve index.php

means what you put first

in your case you use a slim/short extension htm instead of html

so your .htaccess file should look like this

# start here
DirectoryIndex index.htm

Thanks for the reply.

I created the .htaccess inside of my htdocs folder which points to the index.htm file.

Still can’t type in either my add-on domain name or the url provided by Infinityfree and have that page appear.

Maybe I need to take this back a level … When I go into my control panel and then into the file manager, I see a root directory with a few files I am told not to change and a single htdocs folder in which I am told to put files for my website in. For which domain is this directory? How can I tell? How would I go about adding another so that I can use my add-on domain?

Domain URL?

Addon domain (folder) starts with your domain name

myDomainName/htdocs/ here put your .htaccess

Thanks, is the domain URL

When I try to create the folder ‘’ I get an error message that the folder cannot be created.

It looks like your DNS settings got corrupted. Please remove the domain from your account and add it again. That should fix the settings.

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