Basic Informations

Hello, I’m interested in the limits for the free package of your service:

  • number of maximum innodes
  • daily hits limit
  • do you ahve any other restrictions like daily visitors number?
  • Am I able to change the MX records?

Am I able to change the following:

  • WP Memory Limit: 256 MB
  • PHP Time Limit: 300
  • PHP Max Input Vars: 1572
    • what about other limitations (like cpu, ram usage etc.)

These are the settings required form my theme.


You can view all of those values, as well as your usage, through the Account Statistics in your control panel. Those values are always up to date. How the CPU and RAM usage is calculated is not shown there, but that’s because we don’t disclose that information (you shouldn’t try to build your script to touch those limits, you should stay well within them). If a statistic is not listed in the Account Statistics, it generally means that there is no (hard) limit on them.

You can change your MX records through the section conveniently called MX Records.

Ok and am I able to change the following?

  • WP Memory Limit: 256 MB
  • PHP Time Limit: 300
  • PHP Max Input Vars: 1572

Actually I managed to change the first and the last one. I only need to set - PHP Time Limit: 300
because the most popular Avada theme requires so.
Is there a way to change it?

Thank you!

No, the limits are configured like they are for a reason. Even though a script recommends it, most scripts will work fine with a lower time limit as long as you’ve got fast servers (like we do). And if your script truly needs it, it’s probably too heavy for free hosting to begin with.