BandWidthModule in .htaccess

I couldn’t find any info in cPanel about what Apache version is running on the sub-domain I created yesterday. How do I know what version it’s running and how do I know if a module is installed? I tried using this syntax and it didn’t work:

BandWidthModule On
BandWidth all 128

But I confirmed that .htaccess is active because the https enforcing rule is working perfectly.

I think it’s 2.5

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Hi, if it’s 2.5 then I believe that syntax should still be working. Do you know if there’s a console I can use to check the available modules? the BandWidth module is very useful, if it’s not installed then it’s really a shame.

The bandwidth module may be unavailable here.

SSH is only available with premium.


Oh well. From the http headers I found that the server running my subdomain is using nginx anyway.

Another thing I noticed is that byterange requests aren’t accepted, yet in the http headers it says it’s allowed. Is this normal or did I messed up the SSL settings?
The file I used for testing byterange requests with curl is this jpg and that’s also the subdomain I’m talking about, it’s bare because I’m still getting started, I’m trying to understand the limitations before going ahead with my project.

Nginx proxies Apache (I have it set up like this on my local server, too), which you can control with .htaccess directives.

I’m not sure I understand your problem, but you might want to see what I say below.

Curl won’t work here because of the security system:

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reply!


Many more exotic modules for Apache are not enabled on our servers, and even if they are, then not all settings are enabled for use in .htaccess.

I’m not sure if you’re trying to increase or decrease bandwidth limits with this.

If you’re trying to increase them, then note that these limits are almost surely not configured in Apache, and that as a rule of thumb you cannot increase any server limits on free hosting.


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