I was wondering if bandwidth is really unlimited? I know about the 50,000 daily hits limit, but what about the bandwidth?
What would happen if I never even get close to that 50k daily hits limit but my bandwidth gets close to 5-10GB over time? Will this suspend the webhost? Also does the bandwidth counter ever resets in vPanel? Asking this as I am currently using hetrixtools for uptime checking and my bandwith is raising everyday.

I think the offical transfer limit is 100GB and the offical storage is 10GB (I think).

If you hit the limit, you are just not allowed to upload new files, you are not suspended (I Think).

I use the words “I think” because no one ever hits these limits (rarely). The IO, Hits, and other limits are almost always hit before a transfer or storage cap is.


Understood, thanks! Any idea if the bandwidth meter on vPanel ever resets? I know the others like CPU, I/O, daily hits etc are, but does the bandwidth status ever clears? If not, over a long period of time, it may even reach that 100GB cap you told me about.

Just a guess, but I am going to say 24 hours. Admin should have a more definite answer for you.


I don’t remember ever seeing it 0, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention before. I’ll check myself tomorrow but if Admin has more info he can provide I would appreciate it!

No, as in every 24 hours is shows the bandwidth used for the last 24 hours. So unless you used 0 bandwidth in the last 24 hours, it will never show 0.

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To my knowledge, there isn’t a hard cap on bandwidth. But there may be hidden limits that I don’t know about. I’ve never seen an account get taken down because they hit X amount of data transferred at a certain time.

That said, there is a limit of 50,000 hits per day and, a file size limit of 10 MB and a system that prevent most automated downloading.

And the key rule underpinning many of these limits still applies: we provide website hosting only. If we see you’re using an abnormal amount of bandwidth and see you’re using your hosting account for file sharing, we’ll put a stop to it.

Most hosting services count bandwidth per month, so I think our bandwidth counter is monthly as well.

But without a limit, it doesn’t really matter of course.


Last time when I asked iFastNet support, the said max bandwidth limit was a whopping 95367431640.625 GB, but again, you can never make all of it due to various limit.

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