ifastnet dont have plan for auto daily backup or weekly backup if anything happen such as server corrupt…all file will gone???

You should always keep a backup of your website.


other web hosting have daily or weekly backup…ifastnet dont have???

Well, iFastNet doesn’t. You can always switch to another host. However, it is still always recommended to have your own backup rather than relying on a service to automatically do it for you.


i love infinityfree & ifastnet…i hope ifastnet can upgrade more better

I cannot make any guarantees, but as far as I know, premium hosting does have backups. But those backups are snapshots of the entire server, which are great for the kind of server wide data corruption you’re referring to, but not in case of rolling back your own mistakes. You should make your own backups before attempting dangerous operations.


Plus, those backups rely on the server the backups are stored on remaining unharmed. It’s best to always keep backups on your own hardware as well, just in case.


iFastNet might not offer automatic daily or weekly backups, you can safeguard your data by setting up manual backups or exploring third party backup solutions.

If you install Wordpress,you can try to install some backup plugins.if the backup is too big to download,you can download them in the file manager.
Also,if you use other scripts,you can use some ftp client such as FileZilla to backup your site.

Not recommended.

Here at InfinityFree, if the previous one doesn’t work, the second one doesn’t work. (File size limit)

This is the only solution.


Well,I tested one plugin and it backed up successfully and I downloaded it.


I always suspect that PHP scripts can create files larger than 10MB. Looks like iFastNet screwed this up again.

But this is still

  • Abuse here. (Unless you aren’t using our service)
  • Not recommended. Even WordPress themeselves don’t recommend backup plugins.

Oh yes…
I’ll delete the backup later.

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