Backup website with google drive using gmail account

Administration email setting to change to gmail for website back up at Google Drive

Administration email setting not updated

Need advice. Ive registered with Inifinityfree with an email account and ive changed it to another email account which is gmail.

But it did not send any confirmation of the new administration email being change.

and on my webpage it is still the old email account. please advice as i need to set my backup on google drive which needs a gmail account.

Wait? What do you mean?

I’m pretty sure you don’t need to change the email account from infinityfree if you want to setup a googledrive with an new email account.

If you want to backup a site, simply download the whole htdocs (it will automatically convert to .zip file) from the FTP manager and also including the mysql database if you have one, and then upload it to your google drive that being registered with the old email or new email.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Thank you for the advise.

As i would also like to change the administration email of Infinityfree into a gmail instead of the email i initially register to infinityfree too.

Is there anyway if Infinityfree be able to change to the new admin email?

Yes, simply click on your picture on and then go to ‘profile’. Then click ‘edit profile’ and change your email address.


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