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I can’t make 1 backup please can you help me. I can’t even install plugins or from cPanel.

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I would like you to help me I just need a backup. I requested it through a ticket when my website was suspended. I have already activated the website but I would like to have a backup in case something happens so I don’t lose all my work.


You can create a manual backup by downloading all your files and folders using an FTP client like Filezilla.
If you have one or more databases, you can export them using phpMyAdmin from your vPanel.


Just download all your files using an FTP client like FileZilla. If you websites uses MySQL databases, be sure to export those too. If you want automatic backups, you can upgrade to premium hosting for $4/month.

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Muchísimas gracias ya hice el SQL y ahora estoy terminando de descargar el HTDOCS. Espero que me funcione :rofl:. Muchísimas gracias muy útil. Hice lo mismo desde mi portátil y no me dejaba pero desde el sobremesa si no sé si sería mi dispositivo. TY :pray:t4:

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install on your site, it is free for all infinity users

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