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Hi good day!

How do I back up my file on cpanel/wordpress, I gonna make a new website with same content again.

My website current experiencing a “deceptive site ahead” and support tech of ifastnet recommend me to re-install a new wordpress. And they said to backup first my cpanel files.

Thank you!

Here is how to do it on InfinityFree:


Click “Backups” in the Control Panel.

So first I gonna install Filezilla on my desktop?

Yep, that’s the recommended way to do it

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I was suppose to download my htdocs but it an unknown error

Yes, that is why it tells you you download FileZilla. The online file manager cannot manage such a large folder. The online file manager is not meant to be your primary FTP client, it is there for quick edits and such.


May I know, it is spending too long for this process?

The speed of the transfer depends on your internet connection. Also, I recommend you save the files to a new folder on your desktop.


It is normal to have this a lot of queued?

For WordPress? Yes. WordPress is pretty big. Depending on your internet speed, it can take 30-60 minutes to download a copy of your website. Just let it run for awhile.


Okay, thank you!

You can also do it this way


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