Background image not displaying

Website URL -

Error Message - no error message

until recently when the page loads a background image was displayed. now the background images flashes briefly and a solid color background appears

this occured after i added a google SEO code. But even having removed the code, i still get the solid background.

All these are not helpful.
Show us what is happening now vs what you are supposed to see

go to website- you will see a blue background on every page not the background image that is supposed to be there. the pages had a collage image that used to load as the background.

left side is what shows, right side is what is supposed to show

Are you sure this is correct?


Looks very messy
I believe should be <style> not </style>


This can be solved with css, if you don’t have any idea about it then you can youtube or google it.

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i play with that, and the background image shows, and only the footer. no header or body

Please check your code. Very messy to me


Figure it out yourself


the code as uploaded and viewed from the file manager

<html lang="en">

	<?php include'includes/head.php';?>
    body {
  background-image: url(general%20assets/background2.jpg);

	<?php $page ='home'; include'includes/navbar.php';?>
    body {
  background-image: url(general%20assets/background2.jpg);

You may refer to this



@KangJL told you everything !

Your PHP files include head and navbar and who knows what else
and the final product is that you have a broken HTML document.
So you need to check several PHP files that are included in the generation of the HTML page.

Look at the source code of your site through a browser
copy that source and paste it here The W3C Markup Validation Service
and correct all mistakes.

Right now, the validator didn’t even want to continue the verification because it encountered many errors


I appreciate everyones replies, and help. I’ll put the code through the validation service.

im trying to learn php and newer code styles on my own. what i dont understand is, for the first few months the page was up, it responded exactly as expected, then overnight, the background image just stopped appearing. -( note - altered the back ground image code on the index page last night, and now the back ground images are loading as expected again on all pages.)

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