Is there a technology I can use on my site’s backend? I know that Nods.js is not possible…

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This answer from Admin from an older post might answer your question:



Another question: Can I use any php framework?

Shell commands are not allowed, but you can customize your PHP framework to work on shared hosting.

We haven’t banned any frameworks, if that’s what you’re asking about. But due to the lack of SSH access, a framework which relies on console commands for administration may be a bit harder to use.


I don’t know php but I’m going to learn. I don’t know anything about back-end as well but I have to learn.

Which framework is most recommended?

Lavarel is the best, most common php framework.

Why Lavarel?

  1. Easy to Configure, Beginner-Friendly
  2. Fast Performance
  3. Fully packed with modern php functions
  4. Integrate with third party services such as Amazon Web Services
  5. Asynchronously run php scripts

You can visit: for more information.


Actually it’s quite hard since there’s no SSH access and laravel is based on artisan-ssh, laravel isn’t really designed for shared hostings. In short, it’s a pain in ass if you want to host laravel website on shared hostings.
Although still… it can be hosted here.


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