Backend implement

How do I implement a back-end on my code? Could you send me to a tutorial or something? I’m a layman at that…

PHP and MYSQL are the backend codes/server. If you want to implement one specifically for your code, i think we can’t help that. But to start, you can find articles in which you can start learning.

To start with PHP,

Later on, you can then learn MySQL,

Once you learned the basics, you can now code on your own. Then, if you have written one, feel free and ask us your problems you have encountered in PHP/MySQL.



Oh, I have no idea about how to organize the directory, could help me with that, please?

If you are just starting out, it is best to find a good tutorial on Youtube or MOOC platforms and go through it. Asking for bits and pieces of information will not combine to complete the website.


Thank you!

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