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I am trying to transfer my InfinityFree website to another host. I don’t seem able to do that, as the new host says InfinityFree is stopping a download of my files from taking place. Here is a screenshot. What do I do?

Can anyone help

generate a back up?

Welcome back to the forum! Please read this article to backup your website:


Use any ftp client! Not use cpanel online file manager

If I do this, how do I get a download link?

Please read the instructions again. There is no download link.

If you want to give a download link to your new host, you get a copy of your data using the instructions provided, bundle them in a zip file, and upload that to a file sharing service of your choice (e.g. Dropbox/Google Drive/Mega/WeTransfer) and give the link to your new host. We don’t provide downloadable backups under normal circumstances.


Hi. I have tried using FileZilla. The download is is not working.

It seems like I you are blocking access to the files. Windows tells me: “Make sure you have permissions to access these folders”

Details: 200 Type is now AsCII

227 Entering Passive Mode

Can you share your full logs?


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