Autorun php code at a time

is this possible to autorun php command at a time (like 12:00)?

i searched and i couldn’t find my answer.

thank you :smile:

Cron jobs are a solution for you!

but how to run it?

You need to go to the “Cron Jobs” section of the Control Panel, then click on “Alter Crons”, and then decide when and what script should be launched (every minutes and / or every hours and the name of the script that should be launched). Then click on “Add Cron”.

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so i’ll need to make one every times or it’ll create automatically?

It will be created immediately and launched and repeated automatically after when you decided to run it (example: if you decided to run test.php every 5 minutes, after 5 minutes it launches “test.php” and repeats every 5 minutes).

oh thank you :smile:

this comment confused me:

 On free hosting any cron jobs added here MUST complete in 5 seconds or the job will be removed automatically. If you need long running cron jobs please 
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hasn’t every 24 hours why :frowning:

You didn’t complete the comment on the “Cron Jobs” page. I will complete it for you:

Any cron job must complete in 5 seconds, or else will be deleted. If you want to have a longer cron execution time please consider to upgrade to Premium Hosting as it has more features and the limits are much higher than on free hosting.

I suggest you run the script you want to execute every 12 hours (so it runs at midnight GMT+3 and at 12 PM GMT+3). If you have a script that wants to run every day, please consider to upgrade to Premium Hosting as the cron times are much advanced with the cPanel that is different than the VistaPanel.

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Although i’m unable to use USD and PayPal but thank you

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