Automatic renewing of LetsEncrypt certificates

Username: epiz_29904991


Hello support-team
is there any way to update LetsEncrypt certs for my domain automaticly?
May be it is possible to use ACME-Client in some way?


That’s for calling us that, but we are really just a bunch of volunteers :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Your certificate may not be working because of an error that LetsEncript had, you can try creating a new one or using a different provider if you wish.


thanks for yor quick response :+1:
To make my question more clear, I have a link:

I hostet my page a long time on an vServer and I used the module from the link to automatic renew the cert every 60 days. This makes it more secure and usable.

In the moment everything works perfekt :kissing_heart:


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Getting a new certificate is the easy part. Unfortunately, the hosting platform we use doesn’t integrate Let’s Encrypt directly, and doesn’t provide the means to have an external system (like our client area) install certificates automatically.

So unfortunately, automatically renewing SSL certificates is not possible here.

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