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Account : #epiz_23862135

My custom domain is being redirected to a telegram page. Can you please assist me from your end, my domain is still active, cloudflare settings are normal and my .htaccess hasnt been changed.

I just shared a link a few weeks ago with my computer science class and then this happened.

Your timely assistance shall be greatly appreciated.

What domain?


Hi Godson,

Forum users do not have access to your account and cannot get your custom domain by your account name, if you are concerned about the content that is being redirected, then please state your website nature and how it is built. This way we can tell if it’s a WordPress getting hijacked or that is your domain DNS record being altered.

As you might have realized, this might have something to do with this event, so I’m thinking towards the direction that this is not intentionally code behavior.

You may also PM the domain over for inspection but the norm here is to post it here so that everyone can help.



There are all sorts of reasons why this might happen. It could be malware in your website, a bad setting, or maybe the domain not even going to your website with us anymore. So if you were hoping for a clear, one size fits all answer, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.

We can check for a number of these things, but then we do need to know which domain name to check.


It was an SSL issue and my cloudflare settings were changed to redirect to “the” bogus site.

Account: epiz_23862135
The custom domain of the above account is having issues installing gogetssl. Self signed ssl is not working quite fine.

As mentioned by @chiucs123 and asked by @KangJL above, we have no access to your account, so no way of knowing what your domain is. What is your domain name?

Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing, and/or describe it in more detail (what part of the GoGetSSL installation fails, what error message do you get)?


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