Auto renew ssl


Could you please put in place auto renew ssl?

So we don’t need to think about it and get peace of mind. I’m using free hosting with planethoster lite and heliohost (organisation) for others projects. They have similar softwares as you : cpanel + let’s encrypt for ssl and the ssl certificate is automatically renewed.
Why infinity doesn’t activate this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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As much as I wish it were different, it’s completely impossible for us to automatically renew the SSL certificates in our system.

The first thing to note is that we don’t use cPanel. We use VistaPanel, which looks similar, but is very different under the hood. This means cPanel plugins and cPanel options may be very different or completely absent in our panel.

VistaPanel itself doesn’t integrate with Let’s Encrypt. However, it does support uploading custom SSL certificates, and custom CNAME records, which the InfinityFree client area uses to let you acquire and install free SSL certificates on our hosting.

If you’ve installed a free SSL certificate from us, you’ve seen what that looks like. The whole process has quite a few steps which mostly involve copying data from the client area and pasting it in the control panel. It’s quite a menial task which could have been automated easily if VistaPanel would let us. But alas, we cannot programmatically create CNAME records and install SSL certificates for you, which is why you need to do it manually.

The second issue is that there is no way to “renew” an SSL certificate. Every SSL certificate has a start date and end date baked into the certificate data itself. If your existing SSL certificate is about to expire, you’ll need to get an all new SSL certificate, and replace your old certificate with the new one.

If you’re using a panel with Let’s Encrypt integration, the integration will handle the acquisition and installation of the new certificate for you. But since - again - we can’t programmatically upload your new SSL certificate, you’ll need to do so yourself.

Having to manually renew the SSL certificate every three months is annoying, and not the kind of service I would like to provide. But the current setup is really the most simple solution given the technology we have to deal with.


Ok @Admin thank you for your clarification.
I saw, VistaPanel has been made by iFastnet which is the same company as Infinity.
I hope an update will help with an automated “renew” method. That would be perfect :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

I know this might be off topic but I’m surprised you found our theme repository. I’m not sure if we are still regularly regulating it but the last commit was on Feb 2, 2020 and is a bit recent.
I haven’t really contributed that much with the themes, My last contribution was around Aug. 2018. My only theme contribution there was the Gradient purple and gradient green themes which I made out of the existing gradient templates.

I dont know why but I rember seeing cPanel.

Dear @Admin

I found this plugin for wordpress which is obviously not compatible with vista panel : Free SSL Certificate Plugin, HTTPS Redirect, Renewal Reminder – Auto-Install Free SSL – WordPress plugin | because it needs to connect to a cpanel however, maybe it could be an inspiring program to provide an independent program with a cron job for ssl renew or maybe a cooperation with the dev to make this plugin compatible with vista panel.
I don’t know in the background of VistaPanel if there is a huge difference with cpanel?

I hope this can help.

cPanel and VistaPanel are completely different. The main page with the section icons and some design elements in the control panel look similar. But everything else is completely different.

cPanel is a software product which hosting providers can buy to run on their servers to provide paid hosting services. VistaPanel is an in-house server cluster management tool built by iFastNet for their free hosting platform.

cPanel has plenty of APIs and a plugin system which hosting providers can use to build their own integrations. VistaPanel only has one operator (iFastNet), so they have no reason to have a plugin system. And VistaPanel exposes only very few APIs which we can integrate with. And as you can tell by the lack of automated SSL management: those APIs don’t include the ability to set SSL certificates.

Scripts and cron jobs to renew SSL certificates are easy. But without a way to install them onto a website, there is nothing we can do.

I could ask iFastNet for APIs, but I know that fully automatic SSL on free hosting for all sites is also on the roadmap. So I don’t think they will want to spend development effort on building APIs to support integrations which they intend to make fully obsolete in the near future.

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That’s a very good news. Please don’t bother them, I will be patient :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

ok got it.

Thank you for explanation.



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