Auto email sending not work on Oslass classified

I’m running a classifieds website using OSCLASS the free and open source. my problem is when my users registered in my site then they can not receive verification email? how to solve this sir ?

Also, to set up a SMTP server on OSClass, follow this guide.

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I followed that guide but still not work sir . i am really worried.

Did you use the Google Mail server? If yes please enable Less Secure Apps in the Google Account Settings, and follow this link to unlock Google CAPTCHA request.

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I found this email ‘‘uncc’’, Is this spam or what ?

I checked and the mail server for that mailbox took too much time to respond. So I can’t say that this may be safe, but ignore it as soon as possible!

What is alternative of this problem ?

You just can delete that mail address, and use your own.

now solved the problem but my gmail is access from united kingdom. is this your server or what ?

That access from United Kingdom is our servers. You can safely trust that connection.

thank you sir , hopefully everything will fine.

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