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I was scrolling through the TOS and it does not look like media files are banned, so I just want to know if they are OK.

BTW, I would be creating them, so no copyright problems.


It is allowed if it creates web content, for example, you have some game that has sounds as well
or generally some audible feedback on some button and the like.

In addition .wav is an uncompressed form and takes up a lot more space
so you can’t even have something long because it would quickly cross those 10MB limit per file size.

Also, it is slower to stream compared to mp3 so your visitors will wait much longer.

I think you can find all the answers in TOS 11.


It’s perfectly acceptable to allow your website visitors to stream content from your site, be they videos or audio. However it is against the T&C to be offering these files as downloads only, as that amounts to file-sharing (I’m not sure about streaming them with a download option?)

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There are many exceptions to the rule. You can’t host illegal or prorated content, and the main point of your site cannot be to host audio and video. InfinityFree is a website hosting service, not a media hosting service. Leave the multi-media to company’s like YouTube (It will also keep your site fast).

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